So, I am not a big fan of Cougar Town. All the scenes feel like they’re only about three lines long, and everyone seems hopped up on Red Bull and espresso, despite all the wine they’re pouring. Plus, Christa Miller looks like a totally different person than she used to. It’s distracting.  So, anyway, I usually only ever see the two minutes of it that my DVR records at the end of Modern Family. Which is how I found out what they did to poor Busy Philipps this week:

Her expression here seems apt: MISERABLE. Indeed, even crying out for help, a wail coming from deep inside her soul. As who would not be, having been forced into wearing a striped tank top, cinched with a coordinated woven belt, over…those pants? Oh, Busy Philipps. I wish I could reach inside the TV and give your character a hug. And a makeover.