When Fug Nation Regulars disappear, I get kind of worried, and then I start to miss them. (Don’t tell. Although all you regular readers know what a secret softie I am.) Like, the Peldons? I miss those girls. And P-Squared here used to attend the opening of a door, so when SHE fell off the radar…I was concerned. Thank goodness she’s back:

Premiere Of Walt Disney Studios'
THE SUBJECT: Questionably famous ginger and GFY regular, Phoebe Price.

THE ASSIGNMENT: Please write a haiku celebrating Phoebe’s return to the red carpet…in whatever way you may see fit.

Post your work in the comment section of this entry (so, do not e-mail
it to us). All entries need to be in by 5 p.m. PST on Sunday, and we’ll
pick the finalists. Voting will commence, and the winner will get massive accolades and great personal acclaim.