HEATHER HEMMENS: Yeah, so the right side of this billboard for my new show is cut off in this particular shot. But whatever. We’re not here to talk about the rest of the tagline for the show, right? By the way: I look good.

ASHLEY TISDALE: I also look good. Albeit a bit smug. You love me smug, though, don’t you, America? Don’t forget to come see my Sharpay movie, Legally Blonde 4: Sharpay, or whatever they’re calling that thing now. Thank god I woke up in time to go to that HSM audition, though, am I right?

ALYSON MICHALKA: I got hit in the back of the head by a brick two minutes before they snapped this photo.

ROBBIE JONES: Yeah, don’t ask me why Aly looks like she just got hit in the back of the head with a brick. I’m just stoked the CW still loves me. Remember how AWESOME I was on One Tree Hill and how TRAGIC it was when I died? YOU TOTALLY CRIED. Don’t lie. I know you cried.

HEATHER: I did cry. I’m not made of stone.

ASHLEY: I also cried.

ALYSON: I feel weird.

ROBBIE: Well, I’m BACK! In a cheerleading show! It’ll be like Bring It On meets Bring It On 2! I can’t wait! Chad Michael Murray, my career is officially healthier than yours is right now!

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