So, after having seen countless pictures of her on the wires and assuming she was some kind of Peaches Geldof type, I FINALLY looked up Pixie Lott here, and turns out she’s a British pop star.

Pixie Lott leaving the Radio One studios, arriving at Capital, London, UK

[Photo: Splash News]

Her most successful single — per our friends at Wikipedia — is the sophisticated and urbane- sounding, “Mama Do (Uh Oh, Uh Oh).” Which I just listened to on YouTube and is actually quite catchy — hello, I’m also the person who has S Club 7 on her iPod, so I really can’t throw stones unless I want to break the walls of my glass house here. That being said, I really really REALLY hope that high-waisted bloomers prove to be less contagious than her song, because if Lindsay Lohan chooses something like these for her first post-rehab night on the town, I will not be able to be held responsible for my reaction.