I am incredibly relieved to have an excuse to talk about this:


The film itself may be great, but the marketing makes it feel like the faux rom-com inserted into an actual rom-com — like if Drew Barrymore were in a film in which she played a movie star looking for love in 1997, this would be the fake movie glimpsed within that movie. Everything about it just seems so GENERIC. I also keep thinking it’s the sequel to Fever Pitch — in which the Jimmy Fallon character goes on the road with the Sox — but that’s just because Justin Long looks like Jimmy if you close one eye.

However, it’s getting Drew out of the house to promote it, and that’s never a bad thing. She just wore this in London:

Drew Barrymore leaving Hotel London uk

[Photo: Splash News]

When I first saw this dress, I was like, ‘YIKES,” and I had all these court jester/joker/mime/juggler jokes lined up, but now that I’ve really taken a look at it, I quite like it. Never let it be said that I am not fickle and/or willing to change my mind on a dime.