So, Eva Mendes — who, frankly, yawnwore this dress to the premiere of The Other Guys. But apparently, there is a wrinkle: That bustle around her waist? Optional.

Eva Mendes leaving the Greenwich Hotel in NYC

[Photo: Splash News]

Not sure I think the shift on its own is all that flattering, either, but what I really want to know is where she’s stashing the bustle — because that’s exactly how she wore her hair to the premiere, so she must’ve been headed that way… Where IS it? Was it one of the curtains in the limo? Was her boyfriend wearing it, and he gave it to her to tie around her waist as a sign that they’re going steady? And does it make you like or dislike the original dress more knowing that thing was detachable? Personally, I will only sign off on it if I find out she flung it over a puddle so that Will Ferrell didn’t have to wet his shoes.

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