I’ve been told three things about The Town. (1) My friend Mark, who knows these things, told me it’s excellent. (2) My friend Grant, who knows these things, told me that Ben Affleck’s abs look AMAZING therein. (3) Fug Nation, who knows these things, told me that Rebecca Hall wore something cracked out to the premiere:

Here’s the thing: I’m not sure this is it. We got the Bat Signal about her outfit while we were at Fashion Week, and by the time I got around to looking for the Cracked-Outery, she’d been to SEVERAL premieres. And I feel like an argument could be made for each of her ensembles. Take this one: the slit up the front is curious, and made me wonder if perhaps this was a — HORRORS — jumpsuit, and red paired with black always reminds me of the Queen of Hearts in Alice in Wonderland. But I also played the Queen of Hearts in a theatrical version of Alice in Wonderland to great acclaim in eighth grade — if I do say so myself — and thus it rather makes me happy.

Then, there was this little number:

I kinda like this one, too! But historically, I dig red and pink together — one of the many reasons I love all the folderol for sale around Valentine’s Day. Although don’t get me started on how Valentine’s Day is basically a no-win event for most of humanity.

This one, for me, is the most problematic:

The Town - Special Screening

Although I love that she’s wearing the same shoes two events in a row, this dress feels a bit like a haphazardly belted curtain.  Surely this is the dress that caused Fug Nation to sound the alarm.