Well, your Fug Madness 2010 winner Amber Rose has been stepping up to the occasion at London Fashion Week.

Every time I’ve looked at that coat, it makes me think of Dictionopolis and Digitopolis from The Phantom Tollbooth — the cities where people eat their words and numbers are mined, respectively. Every time I look at the rest of her outfit, I wonder if she’s a deck hand on board the S.S. Nape Winter, where everybody wears warming fur bibs all day to keep their necks from freezing, while their abnormally warm midriffs crave the feel of the breeze.
I do wonder if Amber was deliberately working a Phantom Tollbooth theme the past few days, though:

Celebs attend the House Of Holland fashion show in London.

[Photo: Splash News]

This would be a visual representation The Awful Dynne, servant to the aural terrorist Dr. Dischord, who enjoys creating cacophony. There is certainly plenty of noise in this paisely jumpsuit, along with the exciting illusion that her ass is on backwards and is currently lingering where her Doldrums should be.
lfw pam hogg catwalk depart 200910

[Photo: WENN.com]

And this? Well, the two hexagonal glasses, added together, might be an homage to the Dodecahedron. But mostly, I think this is her Humbug, whom Wikipedia classifies as “a large, bombastic, beetle-like insect who craves attention and is always wrong.” Sometimes Wikipedia puts it so elegantly that it’d be a waste of word icing to frost that cake.
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