People often inquire as to why we don’t feature men as often as women. Our answer is, basically, that as women, we are more attuned to the vagaries of ladies’ fashion, and we can apply our own sensibilities to it — like, how anytime anyone is in a catsuit of some stretchy ilk, we can remember those times when wearing a snap-crotch bodysuit took about fifteen minutes every time we had to go to the bathroom. Menswear isn’t so much our expertise, and also, most dudes wear fairly simple suits and it’s tough to screw that up (although if they do, we are happy to call them out on it).

Luke Perry here apparently decided it was time for people to Sit Up And Take Notice of menswear:

mipcom ouverture 051010


Dylan McKay would take one look at this and wonder if he was in another one of his drug comas; fifteen years ago, Luke Perry would have looked down at himself and thought, “Crap, I HATE the episodes where we go back in time and play people who are not us but who have our faces.” Me, I can’t decide whether to congratulate his inventiveness, or ask where he left his musket.