There have been dreary, dreary days in the history of Keira Knightley’s wardrobe and hair choices. So this pleases me profoundly:

Celebs attends the Chanel Ready to Wear Spring/Summer 2011

[Photo: Splash News]

So clean, so cute, so sleek! If I were in Paris, I’d want to be wearing something like this, dashing off to a cafe after this Chanel show so that I can have hot chocolate and a pastry and think about where I wanted to walk that day, and then plan an alternate route for when my shoes started cutting into my feet. Also, those shoes appear to be the same ones she wore here with the mud-flap shirt, and I find it endearing when a celebrity who has access to fresh free awesomeness at the snap of her fingers decides instead to reach into her closet and say, “You know what? I really liked these shoes and I’m going to wear them again, dammit.”