I DO love Keira’s expression here:

Never Let Me Go - Photocall: 54th BFI London Film Festival

She looks so PERKY and I love the short hair. Also, I want those shoes. So I have no hesitation about giving the old thumbs up to both the very top and the very bottom of her look. It’s the middle that we need to discuss. What say you, Fug Nation? Me — I think I like it. Yes, its’ very retro, but so’s her face. (Which I mean in a way that’s not nearly as SO’S YOUR FACE as it sounds.)  I’m not in a deep and passionate amour with the waistline of the skirt — it kind of looks like a really nice kitchen tablecloth, with the unfinished edges — and I might have, like a Gap employee of yore, belted it. But overall….I’ve missed you, Kiera. You are reliably interesting, even if you are wearing a tablecloth.