Elizabeth Banks has REALLY been on a noise kick lately. By which I mean, some of her clothes have been so loud I need earplugs. In the case of the pattern on what she wore for The Today Show, I adore it. That thing is covetable. Indeed, watch me covet it. Right now, it’s happening. But at the Met Ball she looked like every pre-installed screen saver Windows has, and then of course there was her Ode to the Circulatory System. And now this. Let’s contrast it — and whether it works for her — with two simpler recent looks and then plop on the couch and analyze our feelings.

Thoughts on the patterns?

  • I like them in theory; just not here. (24%, 947 Votes)
  • I LOVE this one (40%, 1,596 Votes)
  • This one is a nightmare. (23%, 892 Votes)
  • Well, it's better than plain, but... (13%, 520 Votes)

Total Voters: 3,957

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