Matthew Goode arrives NEXT WEEK. I feel like we need a Matthew Goode Countdown Clock on this thing. Like the clock on 24, except what we’re waiting for is HOTNESS.¬† Anyway, this week was full of intriguing developments. Several were maddening. One was lovely. One made me cry. One made me want to MURDER. But best of all, Lord Grantham earned himself a gold star this week. Also, we were given the loveliness of the Crawleys’ London HQ, and also hats. SO MANY HATS. To the sun room!

NOTE: As usual, I used the UK version of this  episode available on iTunes to write this recap so I could get it done in a timely fashion given that the Oscars aired simultaneously. So if the version you watched on Sunday night involved a scene in which, say, Mrs Hughes punches Thomas, with sexy results, please let me/us know in the comments.

NOTE PART TWO: THE NOTENING: If you’ve seen the Christmas special for this season, the ONLY ONE LEFT unseen by we behind-the-times Americans, please continue to keep its secrets! Thank you!