And from the department of WTF:

In case you were wondering just how gross Newsweek could get in the pursuit of readers, here’s your answer: Piggy-backing on the huge PR success of the Royal Wedding to remind us that Princess Diana is STILL DEAD but if she WEREN’T MAYBE THIS IS WHAT IT’D BE LIKE. Here’s the problem: she IS dead, this is beyond tacky, and apparently Newsweek is now in the business of writing fanfic. Never mind the fact that, had Diana lived, William probably would never have been allowed to marry Kate Middleton — I’m of the opinion that it was Diana’s death that finally shook the Royal Family up enough to knock their heads out of the asses and into the present day, where they realized that forcing people to marry other people just because they’re “suitable” is a REAL BAD IDEA (not that Kate wouldn’t be considered suitable in every other way other than the accident of fate that had her born to regular people and not the Duke and Duchess of Whatnot). Never mind that the last time I checked, Newsweek was supposed to be covering, you know, news, as it is not called FictionalPrincessStoriesWeek. Never mind that the Photoshop job they did to age up Diana’s face makes her look like the Lady Cryptkeeper and not a middle-aged woman with amazing bone structure. Did no one in the course of this EXCESSIVELY MISGUIDED STORY even bother to point out that DIANA NEVER WOULD HAVE WORN A HAT THAT WASHES HER OUT THAT MUCH?

I am offended on multiple levels, is what I am saying here.