Photos emerged today of Idina Menzel in Canada shooting Beaches.

Yes, that’s a remake of the Bette Midler/Barbara Hershey movie. It’s a Lifetime joint — I laughed out loud when the Daily Mail so calmly said it’s “being made for a reasonable budget” and I certainly HOPE they got those terrible boots at a deep discount– and Idina is joined by Nia Long. I think… I just remember Beaches SO WELL. It was all the rage when I was a kid, as one of the most bona-fide weepies of its era. I loved it, flaws and all. I can’t imagine a need to remake it. (Will they have Mayim Bialik wander through a scene in the background?) But I don’t know that I necessarily consider it an inviolate movie, either; if they remade Back to the Future, I would THROW DOWN, but Beaches I can handle. Maybe Beaches itself was a little Lifetime the first time around, assuming you blot out the whole Otto Titsling number.

Anyway, on this late-ish summer Thursday, tell me: Do you care? Are you horrified, alarmed, eager? And what movie DO you consider remake-proof? Buzzfeed mentioned fantasy-casting a Clue remake on Twitter the other day, and asked what your ideal cast would be. I applaud this reaction:


[Photo: Fame/Flynet]