Listen, full marks to Vanessa Hudgens for trying to work the hair — to recap, she hacked it off for a movie, it’s awful, she’s stuck. And this flapper look might not be her best, but at least she’s not giving up (ahem, Kristen Stewart/The Runaways).

Unfortunately, though, I wasn’t kidding — it is NOT her best look, and she is not helping herself by a) not seeing it all the way through with a Roaring Twenties ensemble, and b) by wearing the dress she did pick. Feast your eyes:

That’s the most hopelessly unflattering outfit since… well, okay, possibly since yesterday, because this is Hollywood. But seriously, she looks like the Tin Man’s jilted bride. I just want to hug her and tell her that it’ll be okay, and she didn’t need to marry a dude who wears a funnel on his head, and then help her burn the evidence.

[Photos: Getty, Pacific Coast News]