I almost made this another Fug or Fab, but then — in the spirit of being decisive — I decided to come down hard on the fact that Christina’s outfit is leaving me cold and uninspired.

I don’t know if that red lip is her shade now that she’s lightened her hair, or maybe it’s just fighting the green of the outfit, but something cacophonous is going on there. Also, I can also see why so many people — like Rachel McAdams at the ESPYs — are willing to tape their jackets together in service of the deep plunge without a camisole. Christina’s undershirt is getting a little bunchy up in there, which is taking whatever vibe this is fumbling for and slapping it across the face; however, I get why she didn’t go bare under the coat, so it’s rather a conundrum. I genuinely have no idea what I’d have done to make this feel chic, as opposed to like drab army-green suiting better befitting a recruiting mixer, short of hanging it back up on the rod and dialing up, say, Christian Siriano for a fashion Hail Mary.

[Photo: Getty]