So, I’m neutral on Anna Kendrick — she’s a cute girl, she’s funny in the Twilight movies, she was fine in Up In The Air but I was surprised that was an Oscar-nominated turn, and I’m sure she’ll go on to do good stuff. But there’s something about her outfit choices that are just off to me. They rarely look totally right. What is it? A bad eye for hems? The wrong taste in shoes? Hysterical fug blindness? Or am I just being too harsh here? Take the above, for instance — I don’t know if it’s the clodhoppers on her feet or her tiny head poking out of a billowing blouse, or if I just think the skirt is super dopey… it’s bad, though, right? The slightly-past-its-freshness date of her outfits was the basis for her 2010 Fug Madness nomination. Take a spin through a couple of things she’s worn lately and see if you think I’m on target or weaving drunkenly through a field of lies.