Gwynnie was on the Hill this week to speak out against H.R. 1599, which deals with states’ rights to label GMOs and whether the FDA should create a national GMO labeling standard. If there’s anything Our Lady of Artisanal Grass-Fed Gourmet Spice Blends is well-matched with, it’s this; say what you will about her, but the woman has built a decade-long reputation for caring a lot about what she puts in her body.

But how about what she puts ON her body?

I am assuredly never going to be invited to speak about ANYTHING in D.C., much less at a podium in front of an American flag. But if I were, I wouldn’t have picked a genetically modified shirt-poncho — a GMO all its own, conceived on The Island of Dr. J.Crew.

The entire ensemble falls in that Artfully Schlubby category:

It SCREAMS So Directional That You Can’t Even Find It Without a Compass. The whole thing probably costs $4000 on Net-a-Porter. But ladyfriend, you’re on the Hill, not a yacht. And you could fit two Sen. John Testers in each pant leg.

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