STC here is an actress you’ve totally seen before — she played Lita Ford in The Runaways with Kristen Stewart, for example — and she also starred in Sleepover, which was (trivia!) also the movie responsible for the very existence of the blog you are currently reading, because Heather and I could not understand why the poster was so bad, and then things…escalated. And here we are. (PS: Looking back, there were A LOT of people in that movie who are now way more successful: Evan Peters! Brie Larson! Summer Glau as “Ticket Girl!”)  All that goes to say, basically, thank you, Scout Taylor-Compton. I totally owe you one.

I will start repaying you by kindly noting that I think you’re wearing two dresses here, and, unfortunately, they hate each other.

[Photo: Getty]