This is the best Gwynnie’s head has looked in a LONG time. I actually wish she were wearing the smock Lena Dunham picked.

Instead, G-Bone here is in a tight, stretchy shirt-dress with a slit –and the illusion that she hasn’t matched up the buttons correctly — all of which recalls that heady time when Kelly Taylor got a bad haircut and was sucked into her professor’s cult. The only good thing about that was when the wise charlatan demanded that she dump Brandon’s smug behind — which, of course later let to Kelly famously deploying the I Choose Me bomb on both Brandon and Dylan. (She only chose herself for about three weeks before choosing Colin and then eventually cocaine, but whatever, it was still great.) If Jason Priestley shows up and she rejects his marriage proposal, then I might sign onto this. Otherwise I fully expect it to lay in a heap in her closet until her next big personal sale on GOOP, where she will ask someone to pay $900 for her folly. RESIST.

But, full marks for her head. For ME it doesn’t outweigh the rest, though perhaps it will for you.

[Photo: Getty]