In case you missed that Elle Fanning recently played Sleeping Beauty:

Elle Fanning Sleeping Beauty

She is in Tokyo, known for a more playful sense of style, so… I guess…? And she’s Elle Fanning, so she’s cute enough to be twee and weird with her wardrobe, so… I guess…? But I can’t with this, ultimately. She looks crazy skipping around in what amounts to a nightgown sold at the Disney Store, even if she IS wearing the best shoes she’s had in an eternity. Let your FACE be your billboard, kid. Or better yet, let your BILLBOARDS be your billboards.

Once upon a time:

  • I thought this was adorable and whimsical on her and I loved it. The end. (36%, 2,021 Votes)
  • I thought this was funny but ultimately too jokey to work. The end. (36%, 2,016 Votes)
  • I wanted to scream at her stylist. The end. (28%, 1,581 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,618

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[Photo: AKM/GSI]