This How To Be Single movie looks excruciating, which means I will totally be watching it on a plane in six months. But Dakota’s head and makeup here are perfection:

The dress… it’s not my personal bag of tea. I have a hard time getting excited about being covered in a bunch of starfish, looking like a beach that’s been hit with a rogue wave chock full of marine life. In less elegant terms, I don’t want things on me. But I have to give it to Dakota that the cut is pretty on her, and without actually knowing much about her, this entire aesthetic — a little bit boho, a little bit vintage — still feels organic. I believe that she would want this dress, rather than being handed it and told to suck it p and change before she missed her limo. Call it a case of the context making the clothes seem more becoming than, to my sensibilities, they ordinarily might be.

[Photo: Getty]