There’s a strong chance a lot of us are going to lose ourselves in pizza tonight, so because pizza is old GFY slang for The Sheers — we joked about giving up on having new things to say about transparency, and just discussing our favorite toppings instead — I decided to pluck one from the archives. This Gucci on Zoe Saldana is, for me, a surprisingly effective deployment of them. Back in the day, we were a little crankier about it feeling like a Sexy Slytherin costume, but right now my greater grievance is that I want a bolder lip. The sheer panels seem smartly deployed to me. Is this flip-flopping, or just seven years of growth? Or have The Sheers broken me? Whatever the answer, I’m going to have to VOTE TODAY on this, and I hope you shall too:

I'm gonna make you pick one: Is this FUG or FAB?

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