Usually, I do all my screech-singing in my car, but I’m not driving anywhere anymore and so I have to crank up the tunes in my house — once the kids are off Zoom, obviously — and get my vocal therapy in then. And one of the all-time best HANG IN THERE songs for me is “Hold On” by Wilson Phillips. Well, if I ignore the parts where they tell me that everything is my own fault. Don’t lecture me, Wilsons and the lone Phillips! You don’t know! But, otherwise… I mean, HOLD ON FOR ONE MORE DAY:

There’s a lot I enjoy about his video. Wendy seems so uncomfortable on that rock in her leggings and cowboy boots. Why are they all in like sexy business cocktailwear on the sand? Do we think those people at Venice Beach signed releases to be in this video? Legally they must have, unless it was a wide-area release — where they just post a sign that’s like, “We’re filming here, so if you stick around and are on camera, that’s on you” — but it’s such a weird mood to see a bunch of randos staring confusedly at the three women stomping down the street. And finally, let us all salute just HOW DEEPLY Chynna wants us to hold on. The other two are like, “Yeah, you know, hang in there I guess,” like idly singing on the sand, and Chynna using her ENTIRE BODY in every scene to IMPLORE US to believe that things will go our way. I WANT TO, CHYNNA. I DO.