Even she looks underwhelmed by this:

I love the color — she looks like the background of a poster for documentary about surfing — and I appreciate how casual and relaxed this is, given that she’s in Miami to promote Why Don’t You Just Ugly Cry In Public? (I don’t know if I can see The Fault in Our Stars in front of other humans; it hits incredibly close to home and I sobbed my way through the last 60 pages like a complete wreck. That being said, if you have not read it, READ IT.) On the other hand, if you were to show this photo to a friend who’d just woke up from an ten year coma, who you were trying to catch up on pop culture, and said, “she’s REALLY talented, and eats clay and tans her vagina,” I DO think your friend would be all, “…yeah, I see that. Now, rewind. Clooney’s ENGAGED?

What say ye?

[Photo: Getty]