We’re getting to the fallow period in fuggery, because everyone is out doing holiday shopping or holiday hibernating, and so we start scrolling back through our lightboxes looking for stuff we forgot about, going, “Wait, why didn’t I write about that again?” And thus, enter Shailene:

I suspect this never made it up when it happened because lately I feel like I’ve written eleventy million posts that include some variation on the line, “Hey, is that her thigh I’m seeing all of, or just a clingy dress liner?” I THINK I see the hem of a liner a couple inches up from her knee, but it took a lot of ogling to discern. Plus, around this time frame, I had just written about this similar Claire Danes lacy dress. And I prefer Claire’s, and I couldn’t quite find my way around Shailene’s, and once you stare at a girl’s knees for that long you just stop caring about whether it works on her shoulders or it’s flattering at the waist or whether it’s made of teddy bears or what flavor of ice cream it would be. You just want a break. And some ice cream. So I had both. What can I say? I’m thorough.

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