Generally, I love a good coat. I’m a winter/autumn girl at heart, so living in Los Angeles is completely wasted on me.

And I think I like this one. If she’d worn it with anything but a minidress, I think she’d look 85, but the style pairing manages to make the tweed look funky and even youthful. The trouble is, while I appreciate the theory behind the outfit, I’m not as enamored of the actual dress she chose. The color is okay, but the texture and the crinkling remind me of that scene in Love, Actually, where Rowan Atkinson does the specialty gift-wrap with cloth and ribbons and pot pourri and cinnamon shavings. And nothing against that scene, but if I’m going to be reminded of Rowan Atkinson’s résumé in the course of looking at photos of clothes, I want it to be because someone is evoking the platinum bouffant, outrageous trousers, thick white socks, and powdered mug of Hugh Laurie’s Prince George from Blackadder III. … Although, come to think of it, Georgie would love that dress if it were trousers, and he’d totally wear that coat. Aw, hell. Now I need to go watch all six episodes.


  • This looks perfect on her (24%, 1,773 Votes)
  • Love the coat, boo to the dress (12%, 914 Votes)
  • No, BOO to the coat, HAIL to the dress. (12%, 925 Votes)
  • BOOOOO to everything (22%, 1,661 Votes)
  • I love Blackadder III (7%, 532 Votes)
  • But Blackadder II is better (5%, 344 Votes)
  • But! Blackadder Goes Forth is so underrated! (4%, 304 Votes)
  • The original Black Adder is my favorite (3%, 205 Votes)
  • Really? NOBODY says that. (1%, 81 Votes)
  • I prefer the specials, like Christmas Carol/Back & Forth (1%, 81 Votes)
  • The who and the what now? (8%, 603 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,424

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