You guys, I need a ruling on these shoes:

I feel like, from the knees up, she looks great. Casual. Easy. Salma-y (so, gorgeous). And from the knees down…what is happening? It like her ankles have neck braces and I think we all learned in high school anatomy that isn’t possible.

So, why are you putting this to a vote, Jessica?

  • Because I thought I didn't know what I felt about those shoes until I really looked at them, at which point I realized they are cracked out. (78%, 8,806 Votes)
  • Because I LOVE ANKLES WITH NECK BRACES. SO HOT. (6%, 689 Votes)
  • Because Fug Nation is A DEMOCRACY. Sometimes! (16%, 1,835 Votes)

Total Voters: 11,330

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Tags: Salma Hayek