I feel like even Rooney Mara is like, “Man. I can’t stop looking at this girl.”

Rooney herself actually looks really good — she managed to find exactly the Calvin Klein dress (they’re at his show) to match her persona, but it’s not so grim that it makes me afraid she’s slipping down the Salander slope. She’s also repeating the shoes, which Fug Nation didn’t like as much as I do; regardless, I find it refreshing when celebs have a comfort item too. Like, they get a LOT of awesome shoes, and I’m sure not all of them are comfortable, so why not wear the ones you like over and over again? Stars: They’re Just Like Us: They Like Things.

As for Emma… well, you know how I feel about matchy red dresses and shoes. And one thing Calvin Klein dresses usually are not is baggy; although this is a sweater and a skirt, I still can’t quite believe there wasn’t something better-fitting in the house for her to don. She’s EMMA STONE. She’s adorable. She will look great in everything because she’s adorable and svelte, and indeed she still looks good in this, but then photos like this come along:

It seems egregious that she had to stand next to Anna Wintour looking like she forgot to buy dryer sheets.


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And Rooney?

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