It’s a good thing Jennifer Aniston looks better than her new movie does.

At first I was certain she looked terrific in this — yes, she’s got the same hair, but at least it’s GOOD hair, and a certain point that’s just… her hair, there is only about one other thing she’s ever going to do with it anyway (loose bun), and so maybe I should put down my sword in that battle. Otherwise, I feel like closed-toe shoes are a rarity on her, and the dress has a lot more interest than she usually allows. Plus I like that it gives her some curve.

But then I started to wonder if it doesn’t quite fit her, and THEN I fell into a Paul Rudd wormhole and took a lengthy vacation there — it’s a lovely place, full of wry wit — and that led me to this photo:

It IS too tight. Not perilously so — no circulatory concerns — but it doesn’t look entirely comfortable, either. Isn’t this why she has Courteney Cox? Or wait, I think she’s supposedly been replaced by Chelsea Handler. Which seems like a bad idea, because Chelsea Handler (and I don’t feel bad saying this, as it seems to match her carefully cultivated persona) strikes me as the type of schadenfreude friend who’d say it’s perfect while secretly being delighted that there’s somethign slightly off because it levels the playing field. Monica would never have let this happen, Rachel. Rediscover Monica.

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