This feels for all the world like something that was supposed to go to, like, Kate Mara. Or even Rooney.

It’s… beige and taciturn, which has been their M.O. I don’t hate the way it looks on her, entirely, but everything about it seems deliberately off — overlong sleeves bunched back up to a regular length, pinches and tucks at the waist and hip — in a way that doesn’t come off as slouchy-chic to me so much as it does, “Eh.” Like, in one of the beans’ classrooms yesterday, I had to put together two pieces of paper cut and painted in the shape of a pig, stuff them with newspaper, and staple them together to make one very pudgy paper hog. I did the worst job that has ever been done. I started at the bottom, I stapled, I stuffed, stapled a bit more, lather, rinse, repeat. And by the time I got to the top, nothing matched up. This poor thing has some seriously rippled edges. Worse, one of the ears ripped. I tried my best, but crafting is not my forte. The difference is, design is SUPPOSED to be Dior’s. And again, while I like aspects of the root idea here, I just worry the line between intentionally bunchy and messy is too hard for them to walk.

[Photo: Getty]