Dear Rihanna,

Thank you for leaving the house so often. No matter what happens in our relationship, I’m relieved that I can always count on you for material for my blog. It’s much appreciated.

And as a token of that appreciation, I will say here, in this public forum, that you are wearing a blazer as a dress and I like it. Yes. I do. I like this on you. It should not work — and it’s really not an actual dress — but it does. Are we even?

Additionally, am I mental?

  • Yes. This is terrible. (42%, 3,852 Votes)
  • No! I agree! This is great! (58%, 5,229 Votes)

Total Voters: 9,082

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I’m less unsure about the following:

Does it ease the burn if I mention that I am truly sincere in wanting that pattern as a wallpaper?

[Photo: WENN]

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