I liked Wild better than I expected to — I would rather watch that again than, say, Into The Woods, which is the most disappointing award hopeful for me so far (despite good performances) — and it’s a definite credit to Reese. She did a great job in a part that has gritty and occasionally unlikable facets, even if (as we recently discussed on Twitter) it’s crazy that in all that hiking she NEVER put her hair in a ponytail. And her face looked ridiculously good. As did her quads. Even though I know she probably got hers on the treadmill and from her trainer, it still made me think, “Maybe I should go hike that sucker.” I DO NOT HIKE. Nature hates me and it might be mutual. So this was no small achievement, and if Reese wins nothing else this awards season, she can take that to bed with her at night.

Onto the Kors: I don’t like this as much as I expected to, given my affinity for a polka-dot dress. I think it bugs me that the pearl embellishments converge weirdly on her torso and fall out of the pattern. But mostly, I’m never sold on that style of sleeve. They’re like weirdo shoulder capes, styled in the vein of Kate Spade for Darth Vader (it reminds me of the mullet on his helmet). This is very Reese, and hardly offensive, but nor will it dance through my dreams like visions of sugarplums on the night before Christmas.

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