This is honestly a good excuse for me to tell you guys that Manhattan, which is about the Manhattan Project, and features Rachel Brosnahan here, is REALLY good and everyone at Astronaut Wives Club should have watched it several times to figure out how to tell a story about a LOT of real people working on a scientific project that had a lot of steps forward and back. (Manhattan is lucky that their timeline is shorter than AWC but…anyway.)

And Rachel Brosnahan is quite good on it, to the point where every time I see her at Fashion Week, which has happened more than once, I think to myself, “I know that woman. She’s on TV. I DON’T like her. WHO IS SHE?” Whenever she’s out of costume, I don’t recognize her as an actress but a person I know and don’t like, which might be bad for her on a personal day-to-day thing, but speaks well of performance.

More importantly: What IS that in the pattern on her (very cute) dress? Tea pots? People doing yoga? Is this some kind of Rorscach test they’re running on the reporters at TCA? I am fairly sure I just failed it.

[Photo: Getty]