Not to be outdone by Sarah Jessica Parker on Cosmo, we have Beyonce — in, as a matter of fact, old-school Carrie Bradshaw hair –strutting around New York City in front of UPS trucks with a blooming garden of cleav:

Y’all know my feelings on the whole white coat/cream shoes/cream accessories thing (and if not: I veto it because it always makes things look dingy, like an ad for why you should bleach your socks). And the dress looks like the top shrank. It’s all a little wrong. Slightly off. Disjointed. weirdly, for some reason it’s all giving me a Mariah vibe — and she’s not exactly someone who’s known for her forward-thinking style. If Bey had gone up a size, spiced up the accessories, and maybe just done a ponytail or a bun, it might be more polished. As it is, I am not — wait for it — crazy in love.

[Photo: Fame/Flynet]

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