Let’s start with what’s happening on top of Piper Perabo’s head:

Yes, this is totally nutty. It’s like something out of Star Trek married to a pastry. That being said, I kind of enjoy it. Bless her for giving us something to talk about, and it looks good from the front:

…in a sort of Evil Socialite way. (Please note: there were actually plenty of pics of her whooping it up and having a great time at this event, you just couldn’t see her dress in them. So at least we’re moving past that stage where all she does is pout.) I actually feel like PP here — I hope she doesn’t mind that I’m calling her PP, except I don’t actually really care — would be perfect in a teen movie where she has to play the evil — and young — stepmother. You know, the Baroness role.

All that being babbled, what do we think about her dress? As much as I rationally think she looks like she’s wearing a used vacuum cleaner bag, I actually kind of love it on her. Did I just take an overdose of crazy pills with my Irish coffee this morning?

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