ANDREA RISEBOROUGH: Someone else wore this dress recently, and I can’t remember who.

HELEN MIRREN: Just smile and think of England, dear.

ANDREA: It didn’t look super great on whoever it was, either.

HELEN: Darling, just pretend everything is fine.

ANDREA: This WOULD be a kind of great dress if I were secretly pregnant, though. It has a flattering bump ruffle!

HELEN: Yes, yes. Stop obsessing. You don’t have to wear it again. Look happy for the cameras, lamb chop.

ANDREA: Are you trying to get me to shut up?

HELEN: Yes. I want to talk about ME and how great I look.

ANDREA: You almost always look great.

HELEN: This is true. Fair enough, dear, commence further nattering over your fluff muffle, or whatever it was you were going on about.

ANDREA: Oh, never mind.

HELEN: Peace at last.

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