Most people wanted me to get my head checked after I didn’t outright hate Olivia’s pants ensemble from yesterday. So I’m losing my nerve and putting this up for a vote.

For me, this is a look I want to love outright, but once I break it down, it loses its shine. The stripes, I embrace, and I even like the glittery flower. And her healthy, healthy, shiny, healthy hair, which is so shiny and healthy. But I’m not sure the heavy eye is as flattering on her as a lighter one with a bright lip. I don’t endorse the giant platforms; they deprive this of elegance. And the gown itself looks less designed than it does MacGyvered, as if hurriedly made to fit using whatever tools were handy before the limo arrived. So I think for me this falls in a nether region between fug and fab, with a world of potential, but not styled to take me away like a crate of Calgon.

Are you into it?

  • YES. There are no nits to pick. (33%, 1,655 Votes)
  • I WOULD be, with different shoes and/or other accessory/makeup changes. (58%, 2,877 Votes)
  • NO I AM NOT. MOVE ON. (9%, 428 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,960

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[Photo: Fame/Flynet]