Nicole Richie’s continuing evolution into Judith Light is freaking me out:

It’s so weird to me that over the last several months, she’s morphed into something sort of crispy and 80s, just one giant-shoulder-padded blazer away from asking Tony Danza whether or not he is, in fact, the boss. Who looks in the mirror in the morning and says, “I just spent the last three years looking great. Do I need to screw it up somehow? YES.”

The dress, I pray, is this cheap looking because it’s actually one of the designs from Fashion Star and thus was made overnight by, like, Ashlee Simpson using a Holly Hobby sewing machine  in the garage at the back of Simpson/Johnson Manor.

I mean….if this isn’t the result of a reality show challenge, I don’t know if I can handle the truth. (Since we’re referencing the 80s and all.)