Is it weird that, all of a sudden, I find myself thinking, “I want better for Megan Fox than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie”?” I didn’t even know I cared. I am, however, not surprised that I care about her outfits, as that is my job. Exhibit A:

This dress is theoretically kind of creepy and weird — it looks a bit like she skinned a dragon. There’s something slither-y about it, and yet also something Showgirls about it. In short: It’s basically what the lead on The Real Housewives of Slytherin would wear. But I would totally watch The Real Housewives of Slytherin and I also think this suits her.

She’s ALL about the short skirts right now, not that I can blame her. For example, at Comic-Con over the weekend:

That skirt kind of looks like it was made out of the reclaimed leather from the bench seat in someone’s truck, but I’m still not mad at it.

Are you mad?

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