I don’t know when it happened, but Judy Greer has totally turned into a dish:

Not like she was a hideous troll-beast ever — who can forget her seductive turn on Arrested Development, for example? — but she’s just looked really good lately. Including on that commercial where she and her Hamster-Husband leave her Brother and Gor-Don at home to go get tacos. And while I cannot deal with the fact that I’ve had MULTIPLE CONVERSATIONS with people that sincerely included the sentence, “is Judy Greer married to the Hamster, or is the Hamster her dad?”, the dress she’s wearing in that ad is really cute. AS IS THIS ONE. It takes a lot of woman to pull off a print that’s basically a Rorschach test (I see things in that fabric that would curl your therapist’s hair), but apparently she is that woman.

[Photo: Pacific Coast News]


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