“Who, me? A movie about sex? Pointy bras? Writhing in a wedding gown? Unitards and top hats? Well, if that’s true, sir, then I’ve been a very bad girl. Would you like to scold me? Would you like to smite my rump with your palm? Forty lashings, mayhap? I am your meekest and most humble servant. Wink wink.”


  • That is so un-Madonna. (6%, 808 Votes)
  • That is so un-Madonna in the GREATEST WAY. (31%, 3,934 Votes)
  • That is so much better than when she didn't wear pants (33%, 4,108 Votes)
  • That is so strange, seeing Madonna looking all coy and innocent (17%, 2,069 Votes)
  • That is so making me feel like I need to repent for something I haven't even done yet (13%, 1,616 Votes)

Total Voters: 12,535

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This one, I actually kind of like. A lot. For as hilariously demure as she seemed to be trying to look at the photocall, this is one head scarf and a sixteen-year old boy away from being the cover of a straight-to-DVD coming-of-age flick. Probably called American Beauty II: Just Deux It. But that’s STILL a plus for me, somehow. I’m so refreshed to see Madonna dressing with the dignity one might expect from someone who has lived more than half a century. She could lift up her skirt in ten minutes and shoot rosebushes out of her pelvis and I’d be like, “But there is a skirt to lift! Progress! And roses are so thoughtful.”

Are you with me?

  • YES. (78%, 4,691 Votes)
  • NO. (5%, 327 Votes)
  • We can meet halfway. (16%, 964 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,982

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