Okay, so I promise I have not slipped and hit my head on the toilet; if I had, you wouldn’t be reading me right now, because I would have gone back in time and flushed the script for the VMAs down the bog (just as a warm-up mission). I do know this is sheer, and no, I don’t love seeing her strapless bra.

But, here’s the part I like: For the beginning of her career, Lorde dined out on black pants, white blouses, black jackets and hats, and well, basically anything in either non-color. So a rainbow sheath is a HUGE departure for her — even a see-through one — and I love that. It’s like when I started consenting to the occasional raw tomato on a burger, which basically never happened before last year. “GROWTH,” I would say to Jessica, pointing sagely at my meal. I like that this feels like a step forward, and as long as her continued growth extends a hand back to the land of opacity, I’m on board.

So, considering the dress itself, the wearer, and the context, YOUR THOUGHTS:

  • Nope. Can't go there. (27%, 1,411 Votes)
  • It isn't my FIRST choice? But I love that she's gone rainbow on us. (53%, 2,760 Votes)
  • I actually love it on her, which I did not expect. (19%, 1,000 Votes)
  • I LOVE SHEERS SO YES YAY. (1%, 35 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,206

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