In case this looks familiar to you, it’s because Katy Perry has already worn it.

Technically, I think the styling is better on Ariana — I like the boots better than Katy’s heels, although I appreciate Katy’s earrings — but for whatever reason, Ariana looks more to me like a kid who’s forgotten to take off the over-sized tee shirt she sleeps in, while Katy looks…well, like Katy Perry. And, look, if 8th grade Sleepover Chic becomes a thing, and we all just start wearing giant shirts and baggy boxer shorts everywhere, at least humanity will be comfortable and perhaps eventually mildly less cranky.

Speaking of cranky, I read this week that Ariana is the second most-hated celebrity in America right now. Apparently, the only celebrity more loathed at the time of the poll — recent — than Ariana Grande is Bill Cosby. Talk about data to strike fear in the hearts of PR teams around the world. No wonder she didn’t go to the VMAs proper. That is not a bit of trivia you want to have to tackle on the red carpet.

[Photo: Getty]