The good thing is, this is some serious trying:

I used a longer version of this in our last Valentino runway slideshow, and I’m still pretty intrigued by it. I wish the sleeves didn’t look so much like they were splitting open, and although it’s been tastefully lined in the chestal region, I just noticed it also seems like it’s pinching and shoving certain things. Also, is it too cutesy on her? Like, should Emma Stone be wearing this instead? But I think Wiig was correct (presumably) to assume that the longer version might be too much on her, and ALL HAIL her wearing neither black nor nude round-toe shoes. So even WITH the weird illusions of arm-bursting the sleeves are giving me, I think this might be a win. It’s interesting, it’s fun, it’s not any of her tired fallback fashion positions, and most importantly, it doesn’t make her look musty and like a Junior Grandmother In Training nor the Senior Lunatic In Residence.

What do you think? I miss the word MITTY, kind of, although I don't want to see that movie. Anyway. Neither here nor there.

  • I like this dress. Period. (21%, 1,615 Votes)
  • I like it, on someone ten years younger. No offense to her perfectly respectable age. (37%, 2,921 Votes)
  • I don't like it. Period. (39%, 3,021 Votes)
  • I too miss the word MITTY. (4%, 275 Votes)

Total Voters: 7,832

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