Liking the face and hair…

… and might actually also like the dress. The prim sleeves/schoolmarm vibe it exudes kind of works because the rest of it is pretty, and it fits. Some days, I don’t have the energy require much more. Are you yanking it up? No? Good. Does it make me want to quit this planet and take up on Mars, risking certain death just so I can get a break from all the aggressive fashion reekitude? No. DONE. Pass the Tylenol.

Aw, but she deserves better than that, so help me out:

  • It's so lovely! (38%, 5,479 Votes)
  • It's not the best, but she's carrying it off well (43%, 6,226 Votes)
  • In a choice between this and anything she wore several years ago, this wins (13%, 1,854 Votes)
  • NOOOOO. (5%, 787 Votes)

Total Voters: 14,349

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