One photo service (not this one) noticed that Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys didn’t walk the red carpet together, and was all, “Keri Russell tries to keep her LOVER Matthew Rhys a SECRET at the Americans premiere!!!! The real-life father of her baby is still a mystery.” And I’m like:

I don’t think for a second anyone is trying to be cloak-and-dagger about anything here. The idea makes me laugh. I think they just don’t care about the press. They have never seemed to care about the press. These two have been dating since 2014, and never really explained it to anyone. They just went to the theatre and on bike rides together, and if you saw it, great, and if you didn’t, maybe you found out when she got pregnant. The choice not to turn dating and procreating into a series of press releases is rare and pleasant, and I can totally see why it would be tempting to try and live life the way every other person in the world does — well, you know, before Facebook and Twitter and Instagram turned us all into our own PR people. But you feel me. Yes, the desire not to get a photo together is a LITTLE weird — if nothing else, think of them as souvenirs for your child — but I can see the argument that it makes the event about their personal relationship and not about their professional one. Whatever. You do you, as the kids say. The older I get, the more I enjoy it when celebrities just go about their business.

And on the subject of business, let’s get down to it, re: her dress.


It’s fine! Honestly, with a couple exceptions — Heidi Klum once wore some bananas jumpsuits, and Kim Kardashian wore some truly brain-defying things — it’s hard to bang on about what a person wears while pregnant, because nine months is a long time to go with your body changing every single day, and in ways you can’t control. On a general level, no, this Gucci isn’t my favorite thing to see on a person — and I think it morbidly overwhelms her in particular — but who the hell knows what felt good about it on this day. Maybe she’d just spent four consecutive 12-hour days in maternity Jordache and itchy sweaters, and this was the only thing that relieved the stress.

Those shoes, though. Please don’t break your ankle. If nothing else, Rhys should be hovering beside you to prevent a toppling accident.

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