I have a lot of questions about this outfit, and the number one question is: Has it suddenly gotten WAY warmer in New York than it was a week ago? Because if not, she’s getting hypothermia right now and this outfit is not good enough to risk frostbite:

Not the least because it looks like she stuck her head through a burrito and then pulled on a HEPA filter.

It turns out I really think this is nutty. But you also get a voice:

  • It's not THAT bad. She's kind of working it. (57%, 2,888 Votes)
  • It's not bad at all. It's GREAT! (34%, 1,734 Votes)
  • It's not that bad. IT'S WORSE. (8%, 424 Votes)

Total Voters: 5,046

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[Photo: Splash]