This isn’t so terrible:

Truly, it’s not — I really like 90% of it, and I’m basically going to steal that bag out of her closet while she sleeps. And then I will leave her a note saying that I really thought she was great in the Melrose Place reboot, and I wish her the best and I hope she gets a lot of work in the future and thanks for the bag and please don’t arrest me. More what I wanted to do with this, on this Friday afternoon, was take your temperature about the Bra Situation here. The rest of the outfit is great. I would not have worn the visible black bra — but that top is sheer, and maybe a visible black bra is better than a quasi-visible nude bra. I AM SO CONFLICTED.  So let’s play a game. You HAVE to wear that shirt somewhere (might as well do it with the rest of that cute outfit, honestly). What DO you wear underneath it? GO.